For my final project for Digital Studies 101, I worked with Andrew Malocu and Reese Place. After the group sat down and thought about the project prompt (“Something on the internet, about the internet”), we had many ideas about what to do and if we would be able to do it. These questions led us to making an online survey. The survey polls topics about the internet.

Online survey about the Internet

The survey will not take respondents long as it is only about 15 multiple choice questions. The goal of the survey is basically to find out how certain age groups use the internet. We want to know information such as how long people are using the internet, how many social media sites they are on, what time during the day do they use the internet the most, and more. We are currently waiting on results and want to get enough before making any conclusions. We have a good idea about how they are going to turn out, but we could be surprised. I will update the conclusion as more results come in. The link to the survey is found below if you would like to take it.